When Does it Make Sense To Get a Pharmacogenomic Test?

Healthcare is one of the rare industries, in which often times, by requesting a service, the work hardly begins for the patient. Especially in complex cases, care is rarely seamless: test are done, drugs are presribed and if all goes well the problem is resolved.  But oftentimes months can pass before the right drug and dose is found. Antidepressants are a good example. They are still often prescribed on a trial and error basis, with changes made if the initial regimen proves ineffective. 

But what if there was a better way for prescribing? This is where pharmacogenomic testing comes into play. By analyzing genetic variations that influence drug metabolism, efficacy, and potential adverse reactions, pharmacogenomics tests provide valuable insights for personalized treatment decisions. However, despite its potential, implementing pharmacogenomics testing is more complex than it may seem.

In this discussion, you will hear from Adrijana Kekić, Pharmacogenomics Clinical Specialist at the Mayo Clinic. We discussed 

  • the current state of pharmacogenomics, 
  • the optimal timing for individuals to undergo a pharmacogenomics test, to get the right drug and the right dose based on your metabolism,
  • Why is pharmacogenomics not used more frequently, 
  • Further development of the field. 


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