Why Aren’t Polypills Used and What Are The Limits Of Pharmacogenomics? (John Horn)

Do you know what clinical pharmacists do? For one thing, clinical pharmacists optimize patient’s medications. This can have a big impact on improving patient outcomes and patient quality of life. In today’s discussion, you’re going to hear from Dr. John Horn, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacy and Associate Director of the UW Medicine Pharmacy Services. He is co-author of the reference texts Drug Interactions Analysis and Management and The Top 100 Drug Interactions: A Guide to Patient Management. In addition to over 250 publications related to drug interactions, Dr. Horn has published in the areas of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal therapeutics and pharmacokinetics. You will hear: why are pharmacists integral team members in patient care, why is medication adherence in patients impossible to reach, dr Horn also shared his thoughts about the potential and near future of 3D printing. Teaser: he is very skeptical about seeing that work in practice.

This interview was conducted for the purpose of the movie OVERDOSE – How can we prevent medication errors. If you haven’t yet, do check out the link in the show notes to watch the movie. As part of an awareness campaign about medication safety, full interviews with all speakers from the movie will be published until the end of the summer.

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