#WomenDocsCAN and the first Canadian Women Physicians Day, with Dr. Michelle Cohen, MD & Dr. Liana Hwang, MD

Preet & Josh are joined by two amazing female Canadian physicians, Dr. Liana Hwang and Dr. Michelle Cohen, to celebrate the first ever Canadian Women Physicians Day on March 11, 2021.

Our discussion highlights important conversations about gender inequities in medicine including the gender pay gap, women in medical leadership, and the history of women as physicians in Canada. Tune in today, then be sure to hop on twitter and check out #WomenDocsCan.

Join us as we dig into the health headlines you already know and more about the ones you don’t.

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Canadian Women In Medicine – The first ever Canadian Women Physicians Day

What the gender pay gap in medicine tells us about women’s health (Op-Ed by Dr. Michelle Cohen)

What’s driving the gender pay gap in medicine? 2020 News article by Boesveld S in The Canadian medical Association Journal (CMAJ).


Sex-based disparities in the hourly earning of Surgeons in the Fee-For-Service system in Ontario 2019 Research article by Dossa F, et. al in Journal of American Medical Asscotaion (JAMA) Surgery.

Pay gaps in medicine and the impact of COVID-19 on doctors’ careers 2020 Comment article by Woodhams C, et. al in The Lancet.

A structured compensation plan improves but does not erase the sex pay gap in surgery 2018 Abstract by Morris M, et. al at the 138th Annals of Surgery Annual Meeting.


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