Zero Exposure: Protecting OR Staff from Formalin

How often do you handle specimens in your operating room? Have you ever considered your risk of exposure to a Class 1 carcinogen every time you add formalin to your specimen containers? 

Formalin is recognized as a Class 1 carcinogen, and exposure to the fumes is a safety issue for all OR staff. But, healthcare organizations can now mitigate this health and safety risk. Find out how in this eye-opening First Case Vendor SpotlightTM with Michelle Bell, Applications Manager at Milestone Medical. What are the risks associated with formalin, and how can we mitigate those risks? How can we keep our staff safe while continuing to use formalin? The answer lies in the only automated formalin dispensing system on the market – the UltraSAFE.  Discover how UltraSAFE offers enhanced employee safety by eliminating exposure to formalin during the fill process and also significantly reduces the risk of a hazardous chemical spill in the Operating Room.  

You can learn more about UltraSAFE, and how your facility can be protected from formalin exposure by visiting You can email Milestone at and follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook!  

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