Reply To: Bringing Physicians (and other medical staff) and IT closer

  • Ryan Grabow

    December 7, 2020 at 4:36 am

    I agree with you both.

    I think another problem that speaks to Benjamin’s comment that the IT/Tech startup people should shadow a doctor is that THEY THINK THEY CAN DO IT BETTER!

    Many of the non-medical founders of IT and Health Tech are in college or just out of college and want to change the world. They target healthcare and study the “problems” by reading articles about the inefficiencies of healthcare and what patients want.

    Unfortunately, in my experience, they have no idea about healthcare, sickness, illness, or insurance. They are too young and don’t even go to the doctor unless they have an injury.

    WE are often seen as THE BAD GUY! The rich doctors who run up costs due to unnecessary tests and surgeries and kill people with avoidable medical errors. (This is how we have been portrayed in the media in the past.)

    I think it would be great if the county or state medical societies could reach out to their members to find out who would be willing to allow health tech entrepreneurs to shadow them in their clinics. (We may be willing, but since they are not students, or those interested in medicine, many of our colleagues may balk at this opportunity.) It would require more time than the typical one day visit that some doctors offer to local politicians and civic leaders.

    One way to quickly get physicians interested in helping is to offer a little equity to those docs willing to open up their practice and teach these individuals.