Acute Kidney Injury at the Conception of COVID-19

We analyzed multiple patient factors displayed significance for the development of acute kidney injury and the requirement for dialysis in COVID-19 patients in New Orleans, LA.


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Shay LaPorte

Being born and raised on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, it's an inevitable happening that one becomes endowed with the virtues of hard work, hospitality, and having a good time. I wake up every day to thank the Good Lord for giving me the opportunities I've been dealt in life and the one's I've yet to encounter. In the Fall of 2018, I was fortunate to receive a spot at LSU's Health and Sciences Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I continue to study medicine today. As I'm very much a people-person, I'd love to connect/network with anyone in and out of the healthcare field. Feel free to reach out and let's grow together! 

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