I Did My Own Ultrasound Guided PRP Injection For Achilles Tendon Partial Tear, including PRP Dose Analysis

This 5 minute presentation by Dr. Don Buford shows how to use ultrasound to diagnose and then inject a partial tear in the Achilles tendon.
For this patient the injection was done with high dose PRP and the PRP protocol is detailed in the presentation
We also include analysis of the blood and PRP by a hematology machine.
It wasn’t easy to inject myself but we got it done with no vaso vagal response!!

About Instructor

Don Buford, MD

Don Buford, MD founded Texas Orthobiologics which is America's #1 Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Clinic.  Texas Orthobiologics is a center where patients can get an unbiased orthopedic diagnosis and a complete discussion of their nonsurgical and surgical treatment options including regenerative medicine and orthopedic surgery. The most common conditions treated are arthritis pain, back pain, tendon injuries, and sports injuries.

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