Targeted Nutrition in Orthopedic Surgery – A Missed Opportunity to Enhance Outcomes

Surgery triggers a series of inflammatory, immune, and metabolic responses. The stress response leads to an increase in protein breakdown that outpaces protein synthesis. The body’s natural store of essential amino acids exit skeletal muscle tissue to aid in recovery; prioritizing glycemic control, immune support, and surgical site repair. This leads to muscle tissue damage, and when accompanied by periods of immobilization, significant skeletal muscle loss occurs. In older adults undergoing orthopedic surgery, postoperative changes in skeletal muscle size and function have long-lasting, and potentially irreversible, consequences to muscle strength and function. Targeted perioperative nutrition interventions address nutritional deficiencies that cannot be overcome by whole food intake alone. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce evidence-based approaches to perioperative nutrition in orthopedics.

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