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Creator and Host of The You+AI Podcast
I research and bring to light pragmatic ways in which Artificial Intelligence can have a beneficial impact on Healthcare across the spectrum. I speak with healthcare practitioners i.e. physicians, academicians, administrators, clinical staff and allied healthcare professionals and present their real-world challenges in a manner that would strike a chord with technologists.

My idea is to create awareness both ways – for technologists to know what problems to solve and for healthcare practitioners to know how technologies like AI can lend a helping hand.

Season 1 of the You+AI Podcast with 15 episodes exploring ideas in the Doctor Patient Relationship, Cancer Detection, Evidence Based Medicine, Virtual Medical Assistants, Medical Education, Dentistry, Mental Wellness, Diabetic Care etc. is complete and available in all popular podcast apps.Season 2 is ongoing and spans topics in Digital Health, Building Digital Health Apps, Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, AI in Medical Research, Building Communities of Healthcare Technologists etc.


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The You+AI Podcast was named as one of the Top-10 Podcasts in Digital Health by the portal