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Medical device processing is critically important to the safety of patients everywhere. This podcast from Healthmark Industries is about answering questions and sharing knowledge related to sterile processing, endoscopy, infection prevention, biomedical engineering, leadership, and products. Have a question you would like answered on the show? Send it to our email address


79. Psychological Safety and Forming the Multidisciplinary Team

In this epidode, Kevin and Adam speak to Marjorie Wall and Joseph Avila, both Directors at Memorial Hermann Health System in Texas. Don’t miss this essential talk on the importance of “psychological safety” in the sterile processing department, and how Marjorie and Joseph used it to create a multidisciplinary team that accomplished amazing things! Bonus, learn how partnering with a local school can give you a pipeline of educated sterile processing technicians. No more travelers needed!

77. Horror Stories in Sterile Processing with the Healthmark Educators

Do you ever wonder what consultants see when they go into hospitals across the country? Well, we can tell you from experience that it’s not always pretty. In this episode of the Ask the Educator Podcast, Kevin Anderson is on the other side of the microphone for the first time as a guest on his own podcast, along with fellow educators, Malinda Elammari & Seth Hendee, as they recount their recent Healthmark webinar entitled “Horror Stories from the Field”.

Learn what mistakes hospitals are consistently making, and what tools and strategies you can use to avoid those mistakes!

This one is jam-packed with valuable data from some of the industry’s brightest minds!

76. Insulation Testing of Surgical Instruments with Cheron Rojo

In this episode, Kevin & Adam speak with Cheron Rojo, who will be recapping his most recent International Webinar presentation on insulation testing. Learn how Cheron’s personal story inspired his research and what the data tells us about whether sterile processing professionals are following the standards on insulation testing!

75. SID, Layerjot, and the Future of Surgical Instrument Identification with Etay Gafni

In this episode of the Ask The Educator Podcast, we interview Etay Gafni about Layerjot’s new project: the Surgical Instrument Database, or S.I.D. for short. What is SID? How can Sterile Processing Technicians utilize it to identify our surgical instrumentation?

Don’t miss this episode about an exciting emerging technology that you can start using immediately in your own department!

For more information about SID, or to start using the database, go to:


About Instructor

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a Clinical Education Coordinator for Healthmark Industries. He is a registered nurse (BSN) with multiple certifications including CNOR, CRCST, CHL, CIS and CER. Before joining Healthmark Industries, Kevin worked for 18 years in the acute care setting serving in various clinical and leadership capacities including clinical coordinator of general surgery, operating room manager and manager of sterile processing and endoscopy services. His sterile processing team was recognized with IAHCSMM’s Confidence Builder Award for their outstanding quality improvement in 2018.

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