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Medical device processing is critically important to the safety of patients everywhere. This podcast from Healthmark Industries is about answering questions and sharing knowledge related to sterile processing, endoscopy, infection prevention, biomedical engineering, leadership, and products. Have a question you would like answered on the show? Send it to our email address


114. The Critical Role of Borescopes in Sterile Processing with Cheron Rojo

In this episode of the Ask the Educator Podcast, we delve into the transformative advancements in sterile processing technology over the past two decades, with a particular focus on borescopes. These remarkable tools allow us to inspect inaccessible areas within medical devices. Yet, despite their availability, their usage remains limited.

Join us as we sit down with Cheron Rojo to recap his insightful January Webinar on borescopes and optical inspection, and learn how to better interpret the images these tools provide.

The Dirty Side of Environmental Cleaning with Seth Hendee

Educated sterile processing professionals know that the environmental cleaning of their departments should be done to the same standards as an operating room surgical suite.  But are they being treated that way?

There’s a document that can help with that. Kevin & Adam speak with fellow Clinical Education Specialist, Seth Hendee, about the ANSI/AAMI ST79 Amendments that were released in 2020, with a specific focus on Amendment 1: “Environmental services/fans/food and drink”. 

112. A Call to Action for ALL Sterile Processing Professionals

In the past, we discussed arthroscopic shavers and the progress (or lack thereof) we’ve made as an industry with compliance for cleaning and inspection. In this episode, we are putting the onus back on the YOU, the sterile processing professional, to learn and share as much information and educational content as possible with those who aren’t as “plugged in” to the industry. Take a listen to this episode and then TAKE ACTION! 

110. Nominees for the HSPA Board of Directors: Joseph Avila, Tim Hurtado, and Tori Ruiz

In this episode, we interview three distinguished nominees for the HSPA Board of Directors – Joseph Avila, Tim Hurtado, and Tori Ruiz. Join Kevin Anderson & Adam Okada as they uncover their unique perspectives on the industry and their visions to drive positive change. Listen to this podcast episode before you cast your vote!


About Instructor

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a Clinical Education Coordinator for Healthmark Industries. He is a registered nurse (BSN) with multiple certifications including CNOR, CRCST, CHL, CIS and CER. Before joining Healthmark Industries, Kevin worked for 18 years in the acute care setting serving in various clinical and leadership capacities including clinical coordinator of general surgery, operating room manager and manager of sterile processing and endoscopy services. His sterile processing team was recognized with IAHCSMM’s Confidence Builder Award for their outstanding quality improvement in 2018.

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