Create an Unstoppable Life

The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.

Ep #174 – Flourishing with Dr. Tricia Wooden

Life is difficult.  Relationships are difficult.  Organizations are difficult.  It’s been a difficult three years since the world changed.  So how do we move beyond surviving. . . into flourishing?  


Dr. Tricia Wooden is here to walk us through it.  She’s deeply introspective and has thought a lot about flourishing at an organizational level and personal level.  In this episode we cover what wellness looks like, how she thinks about it, and the habits she’s adopted to flourish in her life.


Tricia is a wife, mother, and family physician, and passionate advocate/leader for clinician well-being.  She received her MD degree from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. She is also a Navy Veteran and member of Women Warrior Healers. 

Ep #172 – Wisdom from Dr. Connie Mariano

This episode is filled with so much greatness.  Dr. Connie Mariano has led an unstoppable life and shares her world with us – where she’s been, what she’s learned, how she thinks about service and serves all who come in contact with her, and what she’s welcoming for 2023.  In the next 30 minutes you’ll smile, tear up, and feel a genuine connection to the stories she shares.

Dr. Connie Mariano is used to breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling.

Her life has been filled with many achievements: high school valedictorian, graduate with honors at the University of California at San Diego, medical degree from the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, and a distinguished 24-year career in the U. S. Navy.

Dr. Mariano has also been the first in the following achievements:

  • The first military woman to become the White House Physician to the President
  • The first woman Director of the White House Medical Unit
  • The first Filipino American in US history to become a Navy Rear Admiral

Dr. Mariano now works full time in her private practice, the Center for Executive Medicine, in Scottsdale.  She is the author of the book, The White House Doctor: My Patients were Presidents, A Memoir. She also hosts her own talk show on the VoiceAmerica network, “House Calls with Dr Connie,”.

Even with all of her accomplishments, she believes her most important titles are wife, mother, grandmother, and since July 2019, widow. She is currently writing her memoir about widowhood and launching her second monthly podcast, The Widow’s Walk, on the Voice America Empowerment Channel dedicated to the 700,000 new widows each year in America.

Find out more about Dr. Mariano at

Ep #171 – A Habit That Holds You Back

Today we are exploring a habit that many of us have – self-protection during times of uncertainty or perceived threat.  This concept is presented beautifully by Dr. Brené Brown in her book Atlas of the Heart.  


Here’s what we do as normal humans during times of stress or strain – default to believing with certainty what we (think we) know, armoring up to defend ourselves, and knowing everything rather than being open to learning.  In this state, we make decisions quickly, even irrationally, to avoid feeling things like. . . vulnerability. . . uncertainty. . . and foolishness.


In this episode, we’ll also explore two offerings of living differently in the world, offered by Big Love and Dr. Brown. Simple steps are available to go from ‘normal human behavior’ to living a life that is extraordinary.


Happy New Year friends.  It’s going to be an incredible year.

Ep #170 – 3 Things to Leave Behind in 2022

This podcast is about sharing blocks/ideas/ways to improve your quality of life by shifting both mindset and practices.  Today’s episode provides you with 3 things that you can leave behind in 2022.  You’ll hear what they are, see how they hold you back, and have tools to set them down and walk into 2023 more free.  It’s all part of living an Unstoppable Life.


Women physicians & dentists – join us in Emerge. . . a community for meaningful connection and unique gatherings.  Sign up for the email list and join the community kick-off on Sunday, January 1st.

Ep #169 – Create a More Meaningful Life in 2023

First – print out a copy of this graphic. . . big smile.


Today’s episode is a celebration and close-out of 2023.  That’s right – we are going to be thinking about how 2023 went – what we experienced, where we traveled, what we created, and how we’ve grown for the year that starts in only 9 days.  The goal is to generate depth and excitement for the year you want to experience.  In this episode you’ll hear how Bev Aron (incredible thought leader & coach) shared the process of ending the year before it begins.  I’ll then guide you through the categories of a meaningful life, and share how I’m thinking about a year from now.  It’s a fun journey to start today.


We all need community & strong relationships for a meaningful life.  There are 2 communities for women physicians & dentists:

  1. Emerge
  2. Women Warrior Healers – exclusively for Active Duty or Veteran women of the US

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