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The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.

Ep#157 – Holding Yourself (More) Accountable

Wake up early.

Develop that idea for something new.


Eat better.

Sit down and write.


How often do you say you will do something. . . and then do it?  For many high achievers, we follow through when we are accountable to someone else.  If it’s for ourselves, it gets postponed.


Today’s episode is about creating strong commitments to yourself AND following through.  We’ll explore the barriers to staying accountable, update the language that you use to stay focused, and build more belief that this is achievable.  Staying accountable to yourself leads to higher levels of freedom and fulfillment. . . the ingredients for an unstoppable life.


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Ep #156 – Thoughtfulness with Dr. Aval Green

Meet Dr. Aval Green – a joyful, thoughtful, amazing human.  In this episode, she shares how she experiences the world and greets the world with intention and thoughtfulness.  

Dr. Green is board certified in internal medicine, geriatric medicine, and hospice and palliative medicine, in addition to being a Certified Medical Director through the Society for Post-Acute and Long Term Care. 

She is a graduate with honors from Texas A&M College of Medicine and she completed her Internal Medicine Residency and Geriatric Medicine Fellowship at the University Of Virginia.  While there, she was inducted into the Academy of Distinguished Educators.  

Dr. Green returned to Texas in 2011 to be closer to her family and at that time, joined the team at Baylor Scott & White (BSW) in Temple.  She currently serves as the Division Director for Geriatric Medicine, the Medical Director of Baylor Scott & White Hospice, and member of the Scott and White Clinic Board of Directors.

In 2021, she achieved a Master in Health Administration Degree from the Texas A&M University School of Public Health.

She is a proud wife and mother who serves as a certified Zumba instructor in her free time.

You can find Dr. Green here:

LinkedIn –

Zumba –

Ep# 155 – Fulling Living Into Your Calling

Too many people are walking around asleep to their lives and telling themselves that others are smarter.  Today’s podcast episode is an antidote.  We’ll cover what separates people (and it has nothing to do with being smart), and how to step further into your calling.


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Ep# 154 – What Surprises You?

So spending 50ish years on this planet may have given some insight to ourselves and the humans around us.  Some lessons came from our families, some our friends, others from the not so friendly.  Those lessons could be good or bad or somewhere in between.  Come join us as Craig and I reflect on what we have learned and what has surprised us in that learning.

Ep# 153 – You Are Made for More

Do you feel you are not normal – not like those around you?  Do you feel that there is something missing in the day to day of our busy life?  How do you accomplish being more?  Today we are going to discuss our place in the world as we see it.  As we explore and work to be better, we will look at our need to stay focused, see the great picture of who we are, and many other concepts of who we are and how we can get there.  It all starts with the idea that we are made for more.

Ep# 152 – Powerful Together with Dr. Erika Aragona

Dr Erika Aragona joins the podcast today to talk about inspiring others. In this episode, we discuss situations that have the ability to be a major change for you in a positive direction. Join us in letting your voice be heard and express yourself in a way that embraces and empowers you and women around you.

Dr. Erika is a board certified family medicine physician with a focus on preventive medicine and women’s health. In addition to a full time practice, she serves as adjunct faculty at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine where she teaches women’s health and clinical skills courses. She holds an additional degree of a Bachelor of Arts in English, has published a book and several pieces in national journals. She serves as an expert physician consultant with appearances on television and social media as well as news writing. Her passion is making medicine cheerful, and with her website,, she highlights female entrepreneurs as well as discusses positive aspects of medicine. Her goal is to create a social media presence as an engaging physician who makes medicine fun and relatable to everyone.

Instagram @doctor_erika_

Twitter @doctor_erika_

LinkedIn @Doctor Erika, DO

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TikTok @Dr_Erika_

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