Create an Unstoppable Life

The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.

Ep# 140 – Coming Back Better! with Dr Errin Weisman

At the ACE conference, Dr. Errin Weisman gave a talk titled “Coming Back Better” that took the audience on a journey of laughing, crying, and connecting with her story.  Here in the podcast, she shares the benefits of self-care, taking a break, and coming back even better.

In this episode you will hear her compassion, humor, and deep passion to help others who are struggling.  She also shares resources for recovery.  Find out more about Errin and the Burnout to Badass program at

Clear & focused physicians change the world – Errin is an example of this.

Ep# – How To Know Your Potential, Throw Out Excuses, And Experience Powerful Unstoppable Living.

When we know our potential, then excuses will not trip us up. The way to experience a powerful

unstoppable living is to stop the excuses. We can do more than we realize. We can overcome things that

we thought it was not possible. We can enjoy life more! We have to throw out the excuses and know

that we can do the things we keep putting off. In this Episode, Dena discusses how to reach that

unstoppable life we want and how to overcome being unsure if we can do the things we want.

Ep# 137 – Why it’s not All or Nothing!

Overly focused on a “All of Nothing” life can keep you in a rut.  

It’s hard to see all of the opportunities around you when you are focused on what you can and can’t do.  “I need more (fill in the blank) and until I complete it, I can’t do X, Y, or Z”.  More is available to you, and it all definitely requires more than two choices.  

In this episode we discuss how all or nothing thinking shows up and is holding you back from enjoying life.  When you give yourself more choices, your life experience changes.  This episode will show you how.

Ep# 136 – Understanding Yourself Better

With the beginning of Spring renewal comes reflection and a look toward the future.  Where are we and how did we get there? Today we are exploring the internal landscape of our lives. Why do we do the things we do? Why don’t we do the things we want to do? Why do we feel the way we do and how to do better, or at least how to stop doing some of the things that cause pain?  Maybe getting it all wrong leads to working towards a better life for ourselves (smile).

Find out more about Betsy Jensen at 

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Ep# 135 – It’s About Time

Time – something that many people say they don’t have enough of or they don’t know where it goes.

Today’s episode is exploring our relationship with time – how and where we spend it, how we lose track of it, and how to enjoy more of it.  All with the goal of creating freedom with the time you have, and meaning from how you spend it.

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