Create an Unstoppable Life

The podcast for Smart Professionals who want a life of freedom and fulfillment. Each episode is created and delivered by a physician coach to help you experience more in life. . .through shifting mindset from one that keeps you stuck, to one that makes you unstoppable.

Ep #197 – Love, Faith, & Growth with Dr. Tricia Wooden

Today’s episode is a spontaneous adventure with my dear friend Dr. Tricia Wooden.  We share what love, faith, and growth look like in our lives. It is unrehearsed and straight from the heart.  You’ll hear how God works through us, the areas we get stuck in, and who we’ve become because of our faith.  (As a fun bonus. . .we offer each other advice.)


Tricia is a wife, mother, family physician, and passionate advocate/leader for clinician well-being.  She received her MD degree from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. She is also a Navy Veteran and member of the Emerge Community.  


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Ep #196 – Mining for Gold

Dear Friends. . . 

Today’s episode is a unique review of 2023.  We’ll explore 5 different questions to explore your experience of this year. . . and mine the gold for an extraordinary 2024.  It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s fun to share your responses with others.


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Ep #195 – Vows

Dear Friends. . . 

Today’s episode is a life update and conversation around vows. . . the type of vows we make in order to limit pain.  You’ll hear joys, sorrow, and surprising plans for our future.  You’ll also hear several examples of vows I’ve made, worked through, then broke.  It’s all to help you explore the vows you’ve made in life, and discern if they are helping or holding you back from an unstoppable life.

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Ep #194 – Where We Get Stuck with Dr. Siobhan Key

Dear friends. . .it’s an honor to introduce you to Dr. Siobhan Key.  She is so many things to so many people – Wife, Mom, full-service Family Medicine Physician in Canada which includes Obesity Medicine, Founder of Thrive Academy, Podcaster, friend, runner.  She is filled with wisdom and compassion.  


Today’s episode is about where we get stuck – as people who are trying to lose weight, reach or goal, or simply by being human.  You will hear Siobhan’s mastery of behavior change and what it really takes.  (Hint – it’s not working harder).  You will also hear her love of helping people break free from what holds them back.


Find Dr. Siobhan Key here:

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