Fixing Healthcare… From the Trenches

America’s healthcare system is broken. While we have some of the most advanced technologies in the world, with renowned clinicians to deliver care, access to all of this remains challenging and the increasing costs are unsustainable. Healthcare in America has devolved into a bureaucratic nightmare where the words “authorization” and “third-party” seem to take precedence, and the REAL reasons for high costs have little to do with the actual delivery of care.

E30 E30 Dr. Murphy on ” Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” with Dr. Badia

Welcome to “Fixing Healthcare… From the Trenches.” Our guest today is Congressman Greg Murphy, a practicing physician and lawmaker representing North Carolina’s Third Congressional District. Dr. Murphy graduated from Davidson College and UNC School of Medicine, specializing in urology. He’s been deeply involved in his community, serving as president of Eastern Urological Associates and as a medical missionary in Third World countries. In the North Carolina House of Representatives, he focused on health policy and combating the opioid epidemic. Since 2019, he’s served in the U.S. House of Representatives, advocating for healthcare reforms as the only practicing physician in Congress.

Dr. Nicholas Rose on Fixing Healthcare… From The Trenches With Dr. Badia.

Welcome to E28 of “Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” With Dr. Badia. Our guest Dr. Nicholas E. Rose is a distinguished specialist in Hand, Upper Extremity, and Microvascular Surgery. His expertise extends beyond the operating room, as he currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Business of Hand Surgery Committee for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Adding to his impressive resume, Dr. Rose is also a Red Bull Athletes Team Physician. Join us as we delve into the insights and experiences of Dr. Rose, a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of knowledge from both the medical field and his role as an orthopedic surgery clinical instructor at UCLA. This promises to be an enlightening discussion on fixing healthcare, straight from the trenches with Dr. Badia.

E27 Robert Aprill on ” Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” with Dr. Badia

As a Managing Director at Physician Growth Partners, Robert works with founder and provider owned businesses in the healthcare services industry as they prepare for and ultimately pursue a private equity partnership. Robert led a recent transaction with Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, in their partnership with OrthoBethesda, a portfolio company of Atlantic Street Capital. He specializes in helping independent practice owners first understand the private equity landscape and then provide transaction advisory services when a partnership makes sense to help usher in the next phase of growth. Robert’s work focuses on understanding the goals of a practice and its owners and managing a customized, client-focused process that delivers an exceptional result. So, if you’re curious about the dynamics of healthcare transactions and the future of independent physician practices, you’re in for a treat. Join me in welcoming Robert April to “Fixing Healthcare from the Trenches.”

E26 Dr. Becerra on ” Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” with Dr. Badia

On “Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” with host Dr. Badia, we are honored to welcome Dr. Becerra, an orthopedic resident from Colombia. Dr. Becerra brings a unique perspective as he shares his experiences with the U.S. healthcare system, drawing insightful comparisons with Colombia’s healthcare landscape. During the episode, he not only delves into the challenges but also offers three impactful initiatives aimed at contributing to the transformation and improvement of healthcare. Stay tuned as we gain valuable insights from Dr. Becerra’s firsthand observations and recommendations.

E25 Dr. Ali on ” Fixing Healthcare…From The Trenches” with Dr. Badia

🎙️ This Week on “Fixing Healthcare from the Trenches” Podcast! 🏥

Join host Dr. Alejandro Badia as he chats with Dr. Assad Ali, DO, a rising star in healthcare. Currently in general surgery residency at Mainline Health: Lankenau Medical Center, Dr. Ali is more than a physician—he’s a dynamic leader.

🔍 About Dr. Assad Ali:

Dr. Ali is not your average resident. Beyond his medical journey, he’s a published author in various specialties and a leader in non-profit work, bringing healthcare training to communities in need. His passion for innovation is evident in founding “Entrepreneurs in Healthcare” in South Florida.

🎧 Tune in as they discuss solutions for today’s U.S. Healthcare system, blending innovation with medical education. Subscribe now for a fresh take on fixing healthcare!


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I am a Miami and New York City based upper limb orthopedic surgeon with great interest in disrupting HOW orthopedic care is delivered. I founded OrthoNOW, a network of orthopedic walk-in centers, and currently seeking a strategic partner to replicate this model nationally, and internationally. During the pandemic, I wrote the book "Healthcare from the Trenches" and host a bi-weekly podcast, "Fixing Healthcare....from the Trenches" in order to shed light on the challenges we must overcome to truly reform US healthcare delivery.

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