ORTHO REAL is a podcast hosted by Dr. Matt Barber. Dr. Barber is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in knees and hips.

ORTHO REAL is a show designed to explore everything ortho! The Ortho Real podcast will be covering and a variety of topics including history, technology, patient care and the future of the industry.

ORTHO REAL – with special guest Peter Verrillo

In this episode Dr. Barber interviews Peter Verrillo.  Peter is the CEO of Enhatch, a company on the cutting edge of developing an intelligent surgery platform.  If you are interested in peering into the future of orhtopaedics with technology and the role of AI, artificial intelligence, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Learn more about Enhatch by visiting their website: https://www.enhatch.com

ORTHO REAL – Dr. Andrew Wickline Interview

In this episode of ORTHO REAL Dr. Barber interviews Dr. Andrew Wickline, joint replacement surgeon out of New York state.  Dr. Wickline specializes in hip and knee replacements, including anterior hip replacement and outpatient hip and knee replacement. He has developed a self-directed therapy recovery protocols for joint replacement patients that drastically reduce the need for narcotic pain medications. 

ORTHO REAL – with special guest Dave Tate

In this episode of Ortho Real we have Dave Tate, CEO of Elitefts and author of Under The Bar, join Dr. Barber on the show.  A legend in the sport of powerlifting, Dave has been involved for over three decades as a competitor, coach, consultant and business owner. Dave has had two hip replacements and he and Dr. Barber discuss the role joint replacement technology plays in the sport of powerlifting. 

Podcast Piracy – Ortho Real takes over Device Nation

In this episode of Ortho Real Dr. Barber takes over Device Nation.  Device Nation is a podcast that brings you to the frontlines of the medical sales industry.  Host, Kevin Brown, goes from interviewer to interviewee with Dr. Barber.  In this podcast a wide variety of topics are discussed from the perspective of the medical sales rep.  This is a great episode of podcast piracy. 


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