Orthoidea Podcast

The Orthoidea podcast interviews several people in the field of medicine including Surgeons, medical device executives, and others to highlight several topics in today’s world.


Orthoidea podcast with Martha Shadan President and CEO of Miach Orthopedics

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we have the distinct honor of speaking with Martha Shadan who is the President and CEO of Miach Orthopaedics. Martha speaks in depth about their new BEAR implant that just received FDA clearance for the treatment of ACL injuries. It is the first ACL repair implant that eliminates the need for a reconstruction, and utilizes the patient’s own ACL in the treatment. Truly a game changer in sports medicine and the treatment of ACL surgeries!

Please tune in to learn more about this revolutionary technology, and Martha’s love for baking!

Orthoidea Podcast with Kevin Brown the host of Device Nation Podcast

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast I have the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Brown who hosts the Device Nation podcast. We cover several topics including the repless model, and what the future looks like for Orthopedic representatives, surgeons, and hospital staff. We also talk about Kevin’s inner Eddie Van Halen!

Orthoidea podcast with Sean Finnerty Area Vice President with Controlrad

In this episode of the Orthoidea podcast I have the opportunity to speak with Sean Finnerty of Controlrad. This evolutionary technology reduces radiation exposure in the operating room, and can lead to reducing the long term disastrous effects it can cause. Anyone who enters the operating room is effected when a C arm is used, and Sean talks about how Controlrad is looking to protect surgeons and all OR staff. And of course, we talk about how he yearns to be the next Sean White. Thanks for tuning in.

Orthoidea podcast with Andrew Forderhase Director of Marketing with Catalyst OrthoScience

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast I have the privilege of speaking with Andrew Forderhase who is the Director of Marketing at Catalyst OrthoScience. Andrew and I talk about Catalyst’s new game changing total shoulder arthroplasty technology, and how it will change how surgeons think about total shoulders. The elliptical, stemless design truly replicates the humeral head like no other implant. Andrew also shares his passion for traveling and being trilingual. It’s a must listen!

Orthoidea Podcast with Ken Gall Co Founder of Restor3d

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we are honored to speak with Ken Gall who is a Professor and Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship at Duke University. Ken is also the Co Founder of Restor3d, Medshape, Vertera Spine, and is on the Board of Directors of several start up Orthopedic and Spine companies. Ken gives his insight on the future of implants in the orthopedic space, and explains why he should have been a professional wrestler.

Orthoidea podcast with Dr. Robert Medoff the godfather of Fragment Specific Fixation

  • On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast Eric Anderson has the distinct honor of speaking with Dr. Robert Medoff who is considered the godfather of Fragment Specific Fixation. Dr. Medoff describes his thought process from the very beginning which led him to these new revolutionary implants and the founding of Trimed. Dr. Medoff revolutionized the treatment of fractures, and has helped thousands of patients regain their lives. Thank you Dr. Medoff for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with Orthoidea!


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