Orthoidea Podcast

The Orthoidea podcast interviews several people in the field of medicine including Surgeons, medical device executives, and others to highlight several topics in today’s world.


Orthoidea Podcast with Omar Khateeb the Founder of Khateeb & Co.

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we are honored to have Omar Khateeb, who is the Founder of Khateeb & Co., Founder of The State of Medtech, and the host of the Mind Loom podcast. Omar is a pioneer in the Medtech content space and his media company provides several different offerings to his followers. Omar is also a digital course provider in which he trains medical sales representatives on how to sell in this new digital environment.

Thank you Omar for coming on the Orthoidea podcast!

Orthoidea Podcast with Matt Swift VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Affairs and Clinical Sciences with CoNextions Medical

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we have the honor of speaking with Matt Swift who is the VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Affairs at CoNextions Medical. CoNextions has developed a revolutionary tendon repair system that will change how surgeons choose to treat tendon repairs. We thank Matt for coming on and discussing this game changing technology.

Orthoidea Podcast with Travis Mark Co Founder Galen Medical Systems

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we have the honor of speaking with Travis Mark who is the Co Founder of Galen Medical Systems. Galen Medical Systems is an innovation leader in delivering mobile technologies to the healthcare industry.

Travis goes into detail about his journey from being a medical device executive to living out his entrepreneurial dream. Galen has several products that include medical device app development to surgeon SEO and marketing. They cover all aspects of the medical landscape from manufacturer to healthcare providers.

Thank you Travis for sharing your journey with the Orthoidea podcast. Please visit Galen Medical Systems at www.galenmedicalsystems.com. 

Orthoidea Podcast with Jamie Rindler CEO Marvel Group

On this episode of the Orthoidea podcast we get to speak to Jamie Rindler who is the CEO of The Marvel Group. The Marvel Group is the only medical device distribution team that provides a warranty post op to the patient. Jamie also talks about their innovative method for mining critical data for medical device companies as well. Jamie Rindler and The Marvel Group are truly “trailblazers” in medical device.


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