032 – COVID-19 with Dr. Kalla, Author of The Best Selling Novel, Pandemic

Throughout this podcast, we discuss with Dr. Kalla his thoughts about the current COVID-19 crisis happening across the globe. As a physician and specialist in how pandemics arise, Dr. Kalla explains what interested him in learning and researching about pandemics and his knowledge on how COVID-19 will evolve.

Key Highlights from this podcast:

Dr. Kalla talks about the different pandemics that happened in the past, such as the Spanish Flu and the Black Death. By touching on those historical events, Dr. Kalla gives us a bit of an insight on the evolution of history and the rise of pandemics. Dr. Kalla also explains the SARS outbreak that occurred during the early 2000s and how that pushed him into writing his novel, Pandemic.

Moving through the podcast, Dr. Kalla explains that the current pandemic we are all facing is something nobody has ever gone through. He even explains by saying, “if you are currently 103 years old, you would have lived through the Spanish Flu, but would not remember it.” This emphasizes that we are all learning and fighting COVID-19 together.

Dr. Kalla also touches on how important it is to practice social distancing. While the COVID-19 outbreak did start in China, Dr. Kalla explains that China and many other countries in Far East Asia contained the virus and implemented serious lockdown condition, decreasing the cases of COVID-19 as of current.

Moreover, Dr. Kalla explains that COVID-19 is NOT like the flu. He states that the “flu does not collapse healthcare systems or kill doctors and nurses.” The importance of practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and staying home are key to fighting this virus.

Dr. Kalla helps ease our mind near the end of the podcast by explaining that it will all be okay. We have to do our part and help those in need. He explains that no healthcare worker has backed down on helping with this situation.

To all those who listen to this podcast with Dr. Wehbi and Dr. Kalla, you will learn more about pandemics, how they spread, and why specialists have been expecting this. While this is a scary and uncertain time, we are all facing it together. It will be okay. Stay safe and healthy, and I wish you all prosperity and resilience as we move forward with COVID-19.

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