038 – #MEDsession Dr. Oren Gotffried – Doctor behind ‘The Good Doctor’


Dr. Oren Gottfried, MD –

Dr. Oren Gottfried is a spine neurosurgeon at Duke University Hospitals. He specializes in a variety of spinal diseases, providing proper surgical management for his patients. Additionally, Dr. Gottfried is a Professor of Neurosurgery at Duke University School of Medicine and is a renowned clinical researcher. He has multiple publications and partakes in being a mentor for Third Year Students at Duke.

Alongside his roles in direct patient care and medical education, Dr. Gottfried spends his time curating narratives about working in medicine with television writers for shows such as The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, and Royal Pains. In this episode, we discuss with Dr. Gottfried how he got into Hollywood, creating stories for these shows, and how he has integrated this venture with patient care.

To keep up with Dr. Gottfried, follow him on Twitter @OGdukeneurosurg.


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