041 – Dr. Margaret Rutherford PhD – Perfectly Hidden Depression

In this episode, Dr. Rutherford explains the idea of depression and how it can be hidden by perfectionism.

The episode is special in that many people across the world can relate greatly to this idea. As we consume ourselves with work, academics, achievements, we often lose sight of ourselves, created this false sense of self.

Some of the traits of a Perfectly Hidden Depressed Person are perfectionism, worrying/controlling, discounting pain and trauma, being a great friend to others, being able to describe emotion but not feel it, and having masked obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)/anxiety.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for those who struggle with this kind of depression?


Dr. Rutherford explains that it takes a lot of honesty with ourselves and having compassion with oneself. She also states that the step to overcome such despair is “learning to accept responsibility for who you are.”


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