049 – Dr. Uma Naidoo – Nutritional Psychiatrist and Author of This Is Your Brain On Food

Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard trained psychiatrist who has an expertise in nutrition. Not only is Dr. Naidoo a physician, she is a professional chef and nutritional specialist. Dr. Naidoo found her calling through delving into her love of food and understanding the gut-brain connection.

To learn more about Dr. Naidoo, visit her website at https://umanaidoomd.com.

To order her book, This Is Your Brain On Food: An Indispensable Guide To The Surprising Foods That Fight, purchase at your local bookstore or online. You can also buy online at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Indie Bound by visiting https://umanaidoomd.com.

To follow Dr. Naidoo on social media, follow her on Twitter @DrUmaNaidoo or on Instagram @drumanaidoo.


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