#27 – How can Orthopedic device companies leverage digital marketing (58 mins)

This is a deep dive into how Orthopedic Companies can leverage Digital Media using new strategies and techniques.

Lisa Denison and I cover these questions and more:

  • How do Orthopedics companies use digital marketing today?
  • How should Orthopedics companies use digital marketing?
  • Which social media platforms are the best for reaching surgeons and patients?
  • Walk me through some real example with details, timings, costs etc
  • What are the metrics of digital media versus traditionalorthopedic marketing? For instance, how does a company do a targeted FB ad? Walk us the through the mechanics.
  • Talk about the cycle of experimenting, AB testing and how to make changes on the fly.
  • What are the laws regarding promoting to an individual doctor’s practice?… and how do conservative orthopedic companies and progressive orthopedic company play this?
  • When should a small orthopedic company outsource their digital media and when should they insource it?

Lisa Denison can be contacted here – mdtr.denison@gmail.com

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