5 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Reassess Your Healthcare Organization’s Value Analysis Program

On this week’s episode of Power Supply Articles On-the-Go, Bob Yokl discusses why if your value analysis program isn’t a well-oiled machine, it will cost your hospital, system, or IDN time, money, and resources: “With very few exceptions, every hospital, system, and IDN has an active value analysis program to evaluate new purchase requests, review and approve new and renewal group purchasing contracts, and trouble shoot and problem solve product, service, and technology issues. Yet, how many of us have reassessed our healthcare organization’s value analysis program for efficiency and effectiveness lately?…” Tune in for the full article! Loving the #PowerSupply conversations? You can now download our free mobile app: Apple: https://zcu.io/sx2h Android: https://zcu.io/xJSJ And listen at: iTunes -> https://zcu.io/3Zef Spotify -> https://zcu.io/eBXx Stitcher -> https://zcu.io/2gMi Amazon Podcasts -> https://zcu.io/Xo2S Google Podcasts -> https://zcu.io/O8SY #PowerSupply #Podcast #Education #SupplyChain #Healthcare #Purchasing #Contracting #ValueAnalysis



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