6 Key Medical Sales Insights to Move the Needle in 2022

You’re out there grinding in the trenches—you don’t always have time to sift a show’s 60+ episodes to find the hardest-hitting sales insights. That’s why we condensed six pearls of medical sales wisdom across six different episodes to help you move the needle. The goal for 2022 is simple: listen, apply, improve. While some of these concepts may seem straightforward enough, putting them into practice and upping your game is anything but. Join us to hear a recap of discussions with Trent Campbell, Garrett Watson, Dustin Poole, Jacob McLaughlin, and Thomas Buchanan.


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • Why you need to stop winning and losing on price
  • What it means to own criticisms and respond with empathy
  • Why it pays to shift your mindset away from sales (and toward education)
  • What it looks like to embrace failure and build from it
  • How to leverage technology to stay top of mind


Plus, we explore the modern rep’s responsibility to empower the patient.



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