7 Hallmarks of a MedTech Sales Message That Converts

You don’t need a better product to close more deals. You need a better story. So how can you better craft your messaging to ignite interest in every client? CEO and founder of Oratium, Tim Pollard, emphasizes simplicity, customer-centricity, and the importance of building a message rooted in a real customer problem.

In this week’s episode, sponsored by Alpha Sophia, Tim joins us to discuss the significance of storytelling and visualization in making messages memorable and compelling. The conversation covers a practical “Jenga test” to help teams scrutinize their messages, the value of conversational agility in adapting messages to different contexts, and 7 hallmarks of effective messaging.

 In this episode, we also cover:

  • 3 mistakes MedTech companies make in messaging
  • How to shift from product-centric to story-centric strategies
  • Tools and trainings that are available to help refine messaging
  • The impact of Zoom fatigue on sales in the virtual world

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