A Chemical Education- Vendor Spotlight with Certol International

When it comes to implementing reliable consistent chemicals to do the dirtiest jobs in sterile processing, few names rise to the top like Certol International. With a 40-year track record in chemical manufacturing for infection prevention products, Certol International embodies a commitment to quality that is long-lasting. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series we speak with Peggy Spitzer and Brett Norton about the common issue experienced in healthcare facilities of soils drying on surgical instrumentation and we take a deep dive into the role of chemicals and the correct application of them. Certol International led the charge when it came to point-of-use cleaning and during this episode we talk with them about their products that are shaping instrument care.

Learn more by visiting www.certol.com. Call Certol at 1-800-843-3343 and ask for Peggy or Brett or e-mail them at pspitzer@certol.com and bnorton@certol.com for educational information and to ask questions directly. Follow Certol on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. 

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