A Salute to Sinks: More Than Just a Super Soaker

A quick glance around decontamination and one particular row of stainless steel equipment might catch your eye. Although you may not notice it from a distance, the Sterile Processing sinks of the 21st century are becoming more and more complex, customized in designed, and strategically ergonomic. On this Season 17 “Power to Process”, episode 3, we speak with Jereme Oldt, VP Sales and Customer Relations for TBJ Incorporated, to break down the misconceptions around this intersection of stainless steel, water, and the will to clean. What should you know before you upgrade or design your next sink? What are some of the newest variations on the market to keep your reprocessing team ahead of the curve? Why might your team need targeted training in something as “simple” as using a sink? We cover all that and more with this week’s guest! Enjoy the conversation and take a fresh look at this decontamination equipment that is far more than just a super soaker!

Season 17 episodes are individually approved for 1 CE, so once you finish this interview, you can download your CE certificate immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week.

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