AAHKS 2023 In Review!

Grapevine, Texas is officially in the rearview mirror!

Device Nation shares thoughts from the trip, thoughts from the floor, with quite possibly the least prestigious awards of the entire meeting….”Best Pitch” and “Purple Cow!”  

We take the mic into some of the booths to share what industry is excited about.  What excited you?

This is officially a “don't miss” meeting in our space, look forward to seeing you there next year!!

Official Site:  https://meeting.aahks.org
Poster Exhibits” https://aahks.apprisor.org/epsWelcome.cfm?CFID=2220476&CFTOKEN=aa8195db8979e1c1-29F453CC-0254-9A02-1CB99B8D7DD25BC5
Dr. Parvizi Keynote Address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y23Tex8heSY

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