Adopting New Technology: The Healing Powers of Supply Chain

Episodes NOW CEC APPROVED for AHRMM members! // How many emails do you get daily? How many meetings do you attend on a weekly basis? With all this “noise”, how can healthcare organizations and vendors work to collectively partner to be more effective in discussing, trialing, and implementing new technologies? With shortages of existing supplies and the introduction of new technologies, healthcare supply chain management has become more complex and challenging in today’s quickly evolving environment. Join the conversation today as Jim McManus, Principal at JPM3 Financial and Advisory Services, joins Hays, Garry and Justin to discuss how evaluating new technologies can offer opportunities to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes. By empowering supply chain professionals, healthcare organizations can create a more agile and responsive supply chain, which is critical for meeting the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers. So, whether you are a valued vendor partner with some exciting new technology or a healthcare supply chain professional working to increase value, don’t miss out on this exciting episode! 

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