AHRMM SME podcast featuring Dawn Watkins

Supply chain shortages and economic uncertainty make strong vendor relations more vital than ever! Tune in for this AHRMM SME podcast as Justin Poulin speaks with Dawn Watkins, Strategic Sourcing at UF Health Shands live at AHRMM23 in Orlando. In tihs episode, Dawn breaks down the origins and impacts of supplier credit holds. Learn proactive strategies to nurture partnerships, simplify purchasing, and keep goods flowing. Discover how finance alignment, exception management, and open communication reduce hold risks. Dissect the credit hold anatomy across healthcare organizations and vendors large and small. Don’t let payment disrupt your supplies – listen now for insider tips on overcoming this critical challenge!

This is the AHRMM Subject Matter Expert Podcast hosted by Justin Poulin. Tune in every month as we speak with Industry Experts to highlight success stories and solutions from the field that advance the health care supply chain.



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