Are You a ‘Toxic’ Rep? Key Insights to Stop Hurting and Start Helping Private

If you’re not directly providing value to physicians, then you’re directly adding to their stress levels. Don’t believe us? We invited Dr. Sandra Weitz to take you inside the decision-making process of a private practice and ASC owner. As a champion for physician independence who runs masterclasses on practice building, Dr. Weitz doesn’t have time for ‘number chasers’ who make her feel used. Join us as she offers a plethora of evidence that positive patient outcomes create sustainable, long-term business for reps. Plus, hear some of her jaw-dropping experiences with reps who… didn’t understand the assignment.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why reps should know how each doc defines “value add” differently


  • What it means to resist the ‘short-term win’ and avoid resentment


  • Why Apple never produces cocky commercials


  • How to go beyond the brochure (free samples, indigent programs, etc.)


Plus, we explore why most reps tend to underestimate their ability to impact a practice. 



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