Arming decision makers with the right data to close deals

Struggling to make sense of a mess of customer data in your sales process?

At S2N Health (a strategic services and software provider to healthcare technology innovators), Director of Marketing Haley Wolosehn, and cofounder Amy Siegel want to fix this.

S2N developed RepSignal, an AI-powered sales intelligence tool. Selling med tech devices is a complex process, but S2N believes it’s much easier when you can listen more effectively to your potential customers, ask better questions, and understand their specific pain points. In this episode, Amy and Haley share how RepSignal allows sellers to reach more key decisions makers and arm themselves with the data that’s most useful when selling to each unique customer.

Listen to learn:

  • How high-quality data helps close more deals
  • How to avoid missing key decision makers when selling at a hospital
  • How to ask smarter questions to uncover pain points faster
  • Why learning to listen better is essential to boosting close rates
  • How your team might be underutilizing the software platforms you’re using, leading to frustration and wasted time

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