Around the Table with Aesculap | Special Release Vendor Spotlight™ from Beyond the Tour

On this Special Release Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ we captured exclusive audio from an in-person conversation which happened during the filming of Episode 3 of the Beyond the Tour mini-series, featuring Aesculap’s national repair facility team in St. Louis, Missouri. We had just finished touring their cutting-edge repair lab, riding along in one of their repair vehicles, and interviewing many of their team members on location as we sat down to discuss the wonderful experience. Hosted by Hank Balch, Justin Poulin, and Lindsay Brown, this episode features Aesculap’s Timothy Cochran – Director of Marketing, Kris Comer – Associate Director Field Service, Pawel Szczygiel – Marketing Manager, and Stephen Sayer – Technical Support Manager. Tune in to hear more about how a culture of quality has built one of the strongest instrument manufacturing and repair programs in the world!

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