Articles On-The-Go: Become a Triple-Threat Sterile Processing Leader – What Your Teams Need and Your Bosses Want

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in to learn about what a “triple-threat” Sterile Processing leader looks like and how to develop these important skills for your future: “Some of the best front-line technicians I’ve ever known excelled because they knew how important relationships were to doing their jobs well. Some of the best supervisors and managers I’ve seen were intentional about reaching out to other department leaders and collaborating on mutually beneficial projects. Some of the most boring meetings I’ve ever been in have borne the greatest fruit because I was present to insist upon following industry best-practices. Excellent SPD leadership can not be one-dimensional. To overcome the danger of professional mediocrity, you must become a triple-threat Sterile Processing leader — who knows the job, knows their people, and knows how to work within the system…”

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