Articles On-The-Go: Forget Surviving – How to Thrive During Your Next Joint Commission SPD Survey

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for encouragement about knocking your next accreditation survey out of the park: “Every Sterile Processing department has a story. As a Sterile Processing leader it’s up to you to teach this story to your technicians (both new and old). What are your particular department challenges and how are you overcoming them? Is your department located a quarter of a mile away from the OR (like one of my facilities was) or do you process instrumentation for outside facilities requiring tight logistical management and constant communication? These realities define your department and they are the stories that will contextualize and differentiate your department from the others the surveyor may have seen. Your technicians should hear this story from you on such a consistent basis that they can tell it themselves, with genuine confidence and contagious pride…”

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