Articles On-The-Go: How Could “Pay for Productivity” Change the Game for Your SPD Team?

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for insights on shaking up the compensation model in Sterile Processing to reward high performers and incentivize quality: “For those departments and leaders operating under productivity standards (such as Total Items Processed per Month or Total Loads Sterilized), we understand very well that hospital administration puts a productivity number on each of our FTEs (“full time equivalents”). There is a clear expectation that we do our jobs well and do them efficiently. Our department efficiency is monetized.

But there’s a problem. There is very little external incentive for individual technicians to drive their own efficiency. Sure, those who take personal pride in being productivity leaders will naturally stand out in a department — but what about everyone else? Does it incentivize technicians to pay them similar rates for differing levels of productivity and quality? What’s the number one complaint of cross-shift dynamics? “They’re not pulling their own weight.”

What if we could cut this complaint off at the root — and revolutionize the way we link compensation to quality Sterile Processing at the same time?…”

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