Articles-On-The-Go: So you Failed your Sterile Processing Certification Exam?

Failed your Sterile Processing certification exam?  You’re not alone.  Approximately 40% of test takers fail the exam on their first try. In this episode of Articles-On-The Go, Hank Balch looks at all the reasons you have to not be discouraged upon getting that first negative result. // “…Perhaps the most common reason I hear about people failing is that they expected the exam to be about their SPD job experience. But when they sit down to take the actual test, they realize it’s not about their department or their processes — it’s about regulations, microbiology, different sterilization methods, chemicals, etc. This can be a shocking realization, but it shouldn’t be surprising. These certifications are laying a broad foundation, and so the information is generalized by design. You can’t just walk into the exam with 20 years experience and expect to pass..”

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