Articles On-The-Go: Sterile Processing, Infection Control, and Zero Patient Harm: Collaboration Starts with Us

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, we cover the critical importance of collaborating with Infection Control professionals to keep your patients safe and get your SPD departments what they need: While few folks would argue with the importance of high level infection control practices within Sterile Processing departments in the abstract, we still often face logistical challenges with getting this message heard when it counts. When compared to flashy, multi-million dollar OR suites or ICU rooms being visited daily by physicians, nurses, and patients — SPD departments can sometimes seem more low maintenance or lower priority in the grand scheme of facility life. This can lead to our department needs naturally settling to the bottom of capital purchase lists, being skipped over during facility tours by visiting C-suite leaders, or missing out on membership invites to important committees. If you don’t want that to happen (or want to change it if it already has), you can find no greater advocates for the Sterile Processing cause than your friends in Infection Control. Know them, let them know you, and commit to working together for safer patient care…”

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