Articles On-The-Go: Sterile Processing Travelers – Your Mini-Guide to Contract Agency Staffing in Your SPD

On this episode of Articles On-The-Go, tune in for a game plan for excelling as an SPD Traveler AND a department who hires them: “When a new traveler arrives to begin a contract at your facility, don’t forget these folks are not robots. They may be highly trained and highly experienced technicians, but they are still human beings. Their onboarding process may have to be accelerated, but it needs to be there, nonetheless. You should factor in adequate time for them to get acquainted with your department, staff, and particular “way of doing things,” before asking them to work independently. And don’t forget, whatever process or cultural issues that were already present in your department will most likely still be there when a traveler arrives. Be particularly cognizant of any permanent staff that may be tempted to be unwelcoming or overbearing toward these new additions to your team. Happy, well-adjusted travelers don’t happen in spite of how you lead — they happen because of it….”

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