Attracting Patients 101: Marketing Tips to Share with Your Physician Network

Sometimes we get too caught up in the selling aspect of our jobs and forget we should also be a resource to our customers. One of the biggest opportunities to serve in this way is to help them effectively market their medical practice and increase patient demand.

In this special episode, Zed and Clark tap into their years of experience to share 3 marketing essentials every medical practice should consider. Listen, then feel free to share the tangible content takeaways (referenced in the episode) with your network.

In this episode, you’ll get some solid tips to share with your specialty physician network that address:

  • Why specialty medical practices need a website, and the key elements to make it patient-focused
  • The types of emails physicians should send for maximum patient engagement
  • The types of emails physicians should never send (because they horrify patients)

Plus, insights and advice you can share with medical practices to help them get more positive patient reviews — and manage the negative ones.

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