Bigger Than Us: What it Really Means to Build an Industry Worth Loving

What causes one person to take pride in their job, and someone else to treat it like just a paycheck? When you drill down to the very core of a Sterile Processing technician, what do you find that is really special? On this episode 3 of Season 11, we sat down with Beyond Clean Co-Founder & President Hank Balch for a unique discussion about the over-aching culture of Sterile Processing — why it matters and how to build it. Tune in to hear much of the “why” behind what you see each and every day from Beyond Clean, and find out the creative ways that you can change our entire global industry right where you are! If you’re giving years of your life to an industry like this, it had better be worth loving… Season 11 has returned to the 1 Episode = 1 CE delivery model, so once you finish this interview, you can get your 1 CE credit immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week. For access to this CE quiz and over 125 other free CE credit, visit our CE Credit Hub ->

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