Blown Away: Utilizing Airflow to Automate the Endoscope Drying Process

As healthcare professionals, we are no strangers to the complexity of flexible endoscope reprocessing. With different regulatory standards and IFUs to follow, it is hard to believe there is no clear direction to the process of drying internal endoscope channels–that is–until now. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight, we talk with George Cronin, National Sales Manager at TRICOR Systems Inc., about the innovative approach his company is taking to automate the endoscope drying process. TRICOR Systems Dri-Scope Aid® products eliminate the growth of bioburden by automating a steady flow of air that can leave the channel dry in just ten minutes. Tune in now to discover how TRICOR is standardizing the endoscope drying process to ensure a safe and repeatable process. 

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