Bob Marrs: The CS Professional as a Patient, Lessons in Leadership, and Surgical Instrument Quality

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with Bob Marrs, Director of Consulting Services & Field Operations with Aesculap.  Bob has worked in the Perioperative setting for 20 years in various roles ranging from Certified Surgical Technologist to SPD Technician, Case Cart Coordinator, Sterile Processing Supervisor, Manager and Director. He has been a professional consultant for five years and is a trained surgical instrument expert.  He is a certified Instructor through IAHCSMM, has been published in numerous healthcare publications, and was a contributor to the IAHCSMM 7th edition manual and IAHCSMM CHL Leadership Manual.  Bob has a deep passion for excellence in Sterile Processing and believes that certification through education provides the foundation needed for superior patient care.

Segment 1 – 03:20

  • Camp Barnabas Experience
  • Viewing the Role of CS After Being a Patient
  • Publishing CS Metrics for Patients to Access

Segment 2 – 21:56

  • Lessons Learned as a CS Leader
  • Tips on Developing Leaders in CS
  • Should Vendors Be Certified Too?

Segment 3 – 40:00

  • Pakistan Instruments
  • German Stainless Steel
  • Quality Trends

Join us next week when our guest will be Dan Vukelich, President at The Association of Medical Device Reprocessors #beyondclean

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