Bonus: Coding with Authority and Orthopedic Reminders 1 CEU

In this episode we will talk about coding with Authority and the importance of using the right resources when we do research and when we educate physicians. We will also talk about some items to remember when coding for Orthopedic Services directly from our 2021 NCCI Manual from CMS.

  • Know the Authoritative sources for coding and reimbursement
  • Know when changes happen and keep up to date
  • Getting to know the NCCI Manual Chapter 4
  • Coding reminders for Arthroscopy and other reminders

Here are some helpful Link so you can do research on your own:

2021 NCCI Manual Chapter 4

E/M Services Guide CMS

Complying With Medical Record Documentation Requirements

Documentation Matters Toolkit

HCPCS Quarterly Updates

CMS Orthopedic ICD10-CM

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