Bonus Episode – Preventing Contaminated Devices in Light of COVID-19

What does the COVID-19 coronavirus have to do with the Sterile Processing department? Will this pandemic change the everyday workflow of our reprocessing teams? How should we be approaching strategic planning during this unsettling time? There are a million of these kinds of concerns racing through the minds of frontline technicians and department leaders around the globe right now. On this bonus episode of Beyond Clean, we sat down with Ryan Lewis, MD, MPH to help us answer many of these questions and give critical insight into upholding best practices during times of growing external pressure.

We want to express our tremendous thanks to Dr. Lewis and the entire ASP team for collaborating around this topic and working together to get this information out to the industry as quickly as possible. Tune in for this important conversation and consider sharing with other Sterile Processing professionals who may benefit from the content.

For the full transcript of this episode, visit:

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