Breaking Down Silos in MedTech with Dr. Jawad Ali

What if every MedTech founder could get direct access to a group of physicians to ask questions, overcome obstacles, make connections, and help get their technology and therapies to market? Actually, what you’d get is someone like Dr. Jawad Ali!

A practicing surgeon, MedTech leader, founder of Austin MedTech Connect, and Founding Partner of Vality Partners, Dr. Ali and his team help early stage MedTech companies with clinical validation, product development, trial design, and funding. They are a team of physicians united by a passion to advance the next wave of medical innovation.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • Why he’s so excited about digital surgery and the trends in this area
  • The current challenge with bringing a new technology to clinical trial
  • Why early collaboration beats solo development every time
  • Virtual and licensing challenges that still impede surgeon adoption of new technology
  • How they’re breaking down silos in MedTech development through Austin MedTech Connect
  • What it looks like to get help with bringing a product to market

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