Building Practices, Employee Mental Health and Marketing w/ Sharon Fekete #167

Are you establishing good employee morale in your practice to maintain patient care quality? In today’s episode, Sharon Fekete, the Founder of The Doctor Whisperer & 13th Ave Media, shares the challenges of hiring doctors and staff in today’s healthcare landscape, as well as the importance of creating a culture of trust and respect within a clinical setting. Sharon discloses her outlook on the impact of employee mental health and the role of content marketing and branding in the healthcare field. Listen and enjoy!

Sharon has been whispering strategies to physicians for over 20 years & amplifies businesses through the power of social media. As a firm believer in advocating for improved mental health, she published her book ‘The Broken Road to Mental Health, in Life & in Business’ on her 25th sober anniversary, August 11th, 2019, and hosts (2) podcasts, The Doctor Whisperer & The Broken Road to Mental Health. 

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:37] Sharon’s Experience with Hiring and Managing Staff in Healthcare

[07:38 – 15:19] Why the Patient Experience is Key to a Successful Practice

[15:20 – 22:59] Sharon’s Tips for Taking Care of Mental Health in the Workplace

[23:00 – 30:29] How to Address Mental Health in the Workplace

[30:30 – 37:46] The Importance of Content Marketing and Branding

[37:47 – 43:18] Wrapping Up!

Want to connect with Sharon? Head to The Doctor Whisperer, and learn more about her work!

Key Quotes:

“The number one thing I feel can really impact a business is to talk about mental health in their workplace, a place where people can feel safe and not feel afraid or ashamed if they’re not doing well.” – Sharon Fekete

“If you want to have a great practice, you have to hire great. You have to spend money. You have to make an investment.” – Sharon Fekete

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