Business Training for SPD Leaders and Thermometric Validation

How do you and your department put yourselves on the map in your hospital, especially if you don’t come from a business administration background? This week’s Beyond Clean re-release features René Vis, Product Manager at Steelco Benelux B.V. who begins by talking about business training for sterile processing leaders. He then dives into the topic of thermometric validation. We all need validation of our procedures and also our machines- sterilizers, washers, heat sealers, etc. At the department level, how often do installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ) and performance qualification (PQ) need to be performed around the world? Tune in now for this engaging international perspective.

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Segment 1 (03:15) – Business Training for SPD Leaders Segment 2 (19:30) – Thermometric Validation

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