Call Schedules: Is there a way to do them right?

Taking call and covering call schedules is a demanding task that requires a substantial amount of time and energy for everyone in perioperative services. Front-line staff know the struggle of working long hours on difficult call shifts, while management faces the struggle of working long hours on creating call schedules and finding adequate coverage. And while call is a necessary evil for most operating rooms, creating call schedules, ensuring call coverage, and finding a fair balance for staff doesn’t have to be so frustrating. On this episode of the First Case podcast, we talk all things call with James Nideffer, BSN, RN. James is the founder of, a unique and helpful resource designed to assist hospitals in managing their OR call schedules. Tune in as we hear James discuss his experiences with covering call, both as a staff nurse and as a nurse manager. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of covering call, the challenges that we face when taking call, and learn about an exciting solution to the challenges of managing a call schedule.

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