Changing Medicine Starts with Creating Your Voice w/ Vinod Dasa MD #160

Want to make a change in the field of medicine? It all starts with creating your voice. This is the wisdom Dr. Vinod Dasa took on as he became the co-founder and chief medical officer for an innovative start up, SIGHT Medical and helped co-found a new medical education and connection platform called DOC.SOCIAL. Before that, Dr. Dasa completed his undergraduate and medical school in the 7 year combined degree program in New York and was part of a fellowship internationally recognized as one of the pioneers in total knee replacement surgery. After completing his fellowship he and his wife, decided to begin their careers as faculty at LSUHSC to help rebuild post Katrina where he developed surgical techniques to allow outpatient opioid free total knee replacement and pioneered the use of cutting edge technologies such as iovera. 


Dive right into the episode with Dr. Dasa and let’s unpack his story and how he was able to impact the world of medicine by first creating his voice.


[00:01 – 02:38] Taking on Unique Experiences by Diving into the Deep End

  • I introduce our guest Dr. Vinod Dasa
    • Bio 
  • Dr. Dasa gives a bit of background
    • Education, residency and fellowship 
    • Recruited to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina 
    • Learning unique lessons while on the field 


[02:39 – 14:19] Introducing an Enhanced Recovery Model for All Practices

  • Dr. Dasa breaks down how he achieves opioid free knee replacement
    • Changing from regional to spinal anesthesia
    • A move closer to the adductor canal block 
    • How using the technology iovera has helped in the surgical space
    • Paying attention to details in the patients post-op 
    • The process of going opioid free in mid-2020
    • There is a path to enhanced pain control for any field 
  • How Dr. Dasa helps other doctors around the country innovate 
    • Working with companies through talks and lectures 
    • The challenges with incentives to go this route in the healthcare industry
  • How the opioid free model affects collegiate level athletics
    • Enhanced recovery protocols can be used for everyone 
    • Why it’s safe – targeting only key nerves

[14:20 – 26:32] Changing Medicine Starts with Creating Your Voice

  • Dr. Dasa gives advice for busy physicians looking to diversify their careers
    • You have to broaden your skill set
    • You have a unique opportunity to leverage your assets
    • Different ways you can finance your ideas 
    • Leverage you relationships
  • Start getting your name out there
    • Leverage social media to share thoughts 
    • People need to know who you are, where you are, how you think
  • How Dr. Dasa has built up his thought leadership
    • Think about the audience your platform will reach 
    • Avoid running faster around the hamster wheel by getting specific 
  • How to create your voice 
    • People are looking for sincerity in your message
    • It’s not hard to get your voice out there – just start 
    • Be yourself people can read through the BS
    • Give the ‘Why’ behind why something needs to be fixed

[26:33 – 30:42] Closing Segment

  • Connect with other innovations from Dr. Dasa
    • SIGHT Medical – driving optimal performance in the OR
    • Doc.Social – Healthcare connected
    • Links below 
  • How to connect with Dr. Dasa
    • Links below 
  • Final words 
  • Stay tuned for more. Links available below.


Tweetable Quotes:

“Enhanced pain control, enhanced recovery without the need for opioids and narcotics… It’s out there… I promise you, if you can do it for knee replacements, you can do it for just about anything.” – Dr. Vinod Dasa

“I think physicians have to think and broaden their skill set beyond just the exam room or the OR… Physicians are in a very unique position, they can leverage a lot of different assets to their benefit.” – Dr. Vinod Dasa

“That’s why I think that digital platforms are huge to create a voice and create an identity… We have a voice and we have a seat at the table.” – Dr. Vinod Dasa


Resources Mentioned: 


Want to connect with Dr. Dasa? You can find him on LinkedIn and Doc.Social. Teach, heal and discover by visiting and learning more. 


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