Clinical Supply Utilization: Making the Savings Come to You!

Episodes NOW CEC APPROVED for AHRMM members! // Are your clinical teams utilizing the right product at the right cost, or are they using products that may have extra, but unnecessary features? With the constant challenges of supply disruptions, is it possible that the healthcare care supply chain teams may have actually over standardized products, resulting in additional costs to the organization? How can healthcare organizations look at data to identify trends and work to ensure they are aligned on proper supply utilization? In this episode Bob Yokl, senior VP of supply chain and value analysis at SVAH Solutions, joins Justin, Hays and Garry to discuss the importance of building clinical supply utilization into supply chain operations. With over 30 years of industry experience, Bob Yokl provides awesome examples of ways you can dig into the data and analysis of your supply utilization to further reduce costs and create efficiencies. For anyone tasked with saving money while also being more productive – you do NOT want to miss out on this insightful and information packed episode! Tune in and start making data driven decisions today! 

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