Coaching vs. Managing: A Paradigm Shift for Sales Leaders in MedTech

Believe it or not, knowledge can be a curse when it comes to medical sales. If sales reps are leaning into clinical and product knowledge too much, it can take away from the connection their clientele often desire. So what can sales leaders do to help develop their teams for maximum impact?

In this week’s episode, sponsored by Alpha Sophia, we met with John Crowder, Vice President of Healthcare for Integrity Solutions. In our conversation, John highlights the importance of coaching and leadership skills and urges leaders to adopt a consultative approach. He also shares insights on the challenges faced by the industry, including the need to adapt to changing access dynamics and the critical role of continuous learning and development for both individuals and teams.

What we discuss in the episode:

  • The number one challenge faced by medical sales teams
  • How to effectively understand and develop each team member individually
  • The value that continuous learners bring to a sales team
  • The negative impact of exclusively knowledge-based learning
  • How to drive consistent improvement over time

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