Colors, Changes, & Chemicals: A Conversation on CIs

Get ready to go Beyond Clean and dive deep into all things chemical indicators on this week’s new release! 🧪👩‍🔬 Breanna Paul, member of the Beyond Clean Advisory Group, joins us to share her expertise and insights about types of indicators, proper use, troubleshooting issues, and best practices for consistent success.  From placement tips to training tricks, she’ll spill the tea on how to optimize workflows and build staff competency for this small-but-mighty sterility assurance tool! Tune in to learn why she believes chemical indicator errors happen and how to prevent them through muscle memory and tray maps. We’ll even share how to take your indicator game up a notch with a simple acronym to help your team never forget them again! Hit play now to join the educational party!

Season 22 of Beyond Clean is releasing under the 1 Episode = 1 CE delivery model. After finishing this interview, earn your 1 CE credit immediately by passing the short quiz linked below each week.

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